From our 2019 season of Intruder Escape

About last night..... we started our 31 days of Halloween with a pre-game weekend. Our first haunt was a first for us and let me tell you, @intruderescape DID NOT DISAPPOINT. I've NEVER experienced anything like it and it might already be my favourite haunt experience this season. It was a scavenger style, free roaming haunt on a 20 acre property in the middle of nowhere. We also may have accidentally on purpose joined the cult... but whatever.. perks 🖤💀🎃🧟‍♀️⚰ - Melissa


Think Midsommer meets Strangers. Ugh! I love how terrifying yet fun it is. It’s like adult hide and seek but with puzzles! On a huge property! Seriously y’all, play this game! It is one of the best experiences I’ve ever done, possibly one of the best in existence in California. It definitely beats the haunts I’ve been to. It’s actually terrifying but in a fun way where anyone could play. My best friend is a wimp and that was her second time playing, she can’t get enough! I highly recommend it! Who doesn’t love a fully immersive cult theme? 😍😍😍 - Kaleigh M.

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"More than once during the experience, Family members sneak into rooms and let the audience stumble across them before closing in to capture them. This type of slow, deliberate scare is actually far more frightening than monsters running after guests would be, as it creates a sense of them being in complete control over the space. It’s as though they are playing with the audience like a cat plays with a mouse – and it’s terrifying to experience."

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"Maybe it’s because I’m obsessed with cults, but Intruder Escape was honestly one of the coolest and most original immersive experiences I’ve ever participated in. Everything from the location, to the sets, to the actors were perfect and completely drew me into the world of Intruder Escape. While it was fun, it was also intense and creepy. The actor who plays Father Ash is so convincing as a cult leader, I’m still not convinced that he isn’t one in his spare time."

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The family members, each with their own unique personality and wants, were terrifying. It was stressful enough to try to figure out the puzzle’s answers, but the added bonus of being chased by lunatics was an added bonus. To me, this is where the experience excels: making you feel like you are very much in a horror movie, much like THE STRANGERS or along those lines. Spotting one of the family, in their white animal masks, out of the corner of your eye down the path or peaking out of a window staring at you is by far one of the scariest things I have ever experienced.

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"Brings two twists to the escape game format. First: they’re going all out with the immersive elements. Their first off their take on horror movies like The Strangers, set all the way out in a cabin in the woods. "

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"We had a blast and I want to thank you for such a fun time! All the best to you and your great cast and crew for the return. I am definitely recommending you to friends! I am planning to discuss the experience (in a non-spoilery manner) and recommend the event to listeners of the My Haunt Life podcast in an upcoming episode... Follow the link to listen, skip to 1:52:40."