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We believe in freedom. The ability to choose how you play and would be in a realistic horror movie. Based on movies such as, "You're Next" and "Strangers", every decision, action and approach will be unique and completely your choice in this open world and free roaming live experience. Think you will survive?
The Experience

Runtime: 2 hours     |     $70 per person      

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Enjoy a pre show, the experience itself and a closing show. Scavenge and endure 4 highly immersive horror themed tasks to gain points. 

Intruders have broken in and are after one thing. You. If caught you are striped from a point and taken away...After a moment with the actor, you'll be released back into the experience. 


This is an open world, free roaming experience. How you play is entirely up to you. Hide, sneak, escape...just don't get caught!

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This is an interactive, hands on, and thrilling experience fit for anyone who needs to get a bit closer to being in a real horror movie. We are NOT an extreme haunt and only touch on the wrists to guide you to a scene, if caught. We do not use nudity, real or blunt firing firearms, simulate sex or heavy cursing.


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