Strangers, and You're Next  are all trademark and copyrighted.

Intruder Escape is not associated or sponsored by any affiliations with Strangers and You're Next and our events are inspired from the shows and games. Intruder Escape does not intend to infringe on any affiliations yet to use them as a parody and not to compete with the brands. Intruder Escape uses: Strangers and You're Next  as references to what our experiences are simply about. We are no longer or affiliated of Reality X, Welcome Home or Suspicion and are under a limited liability corporation as Intruder Escape, LLC. All participates are required to sign, date and thumbprint a waiver and rule sheet. If one does not comply they will be removed from the event with no refund. 

Have ay questions or concerns? Email us at intruderescape@gmail.com