When do tickets go on sale?

The Clown Academy tickets will go on sale in August.

Do I have to wear a maks?

As of April 2021, yes. All guests will have to wear a mask properly (over the nose and mouth). If this rule is broken, you will be escorrted out immediatley, no refunds, no warnings.

What is the age limit?

16+. Anyone under the age of 16, must be accompanied by an adult and sign their waiver together.

Can I purchase tickets onsite?

As of April 2021, all tickets will have to be purchased online.

Will I be with strangers?

No, you will only be with your group (of up to 5).

Why are tickets $125?

Our time slots allow for up to 5 people, making it $25 per person per party. If you choose to come alone or with fewer people, the price remains at $125 per time slot.

What are the covid-19 guidelines?

Luckily the owners are certified in multiple Covid-19 courses and have experience working on sets and events during Covid-19. All actors will be required to have been fully vaccinated. Masks and gloves must be worn by all guests. (gloves provided by The Clown Academy) Disinfecting will occur the beginning of every hour. Designated time slots. updated as of April 2021

Is The Clown Academy open during inclement weather?

Yes, the experience is 100% inside.

Will I have to sign a waiver?


Is it handicap accessible?


What are the special effects used?

Guests will experience: - slight/ total darkness - fog machines - water - strobe effects - loud noises

How R-rated or explicit is it?

We focus on true fears. We do not use live bugs/animals, nudity, or cursing to scare you. You may get a drop of water or two on you but nothing to be concerned about.

Is it free-roaming or a maze?

A bit of both. More of a "controlled free-roam".